To Serve Mankind
Jeff and Bryan – Manservants to the world.

Challenge #1 Submission

Here it is, in all it’s Jeff and Bryan glory… The TO SERVE MANKIND THEME SONG.

“Every household has problems… even if YOU don’t know about them.”
“That’s where WE come in.”

Sit right down, forget your troubles.
Just relax, release your cares.
We are here to fix up everything.

“Anything AND Everything!”


If your dog needs shaving,
or your patio needs paving…
All that money you were saving, give to us.

We’ll come and babysit your kids,
or bleach all of your toilet lids,
and clean up any mess without a fuss.
“Well, not from US.”

We are here, To Serve Mankind!

7 Responses to “Challenge #1 Submission”

  1. Nice work! You really thought the theme through, tell a little story. Likely to get one of my votes if the voting ever actually opens!

  2. Thanks, Thomas. We wondered if the concept would come through to people who didn’t sit in a room and develop it to write the song. Happily, it seems to have. Glad to have your vote, sir. Keep ’em comin’. I’ve been telling all my friends, “don’t vote for us unless we’ve written the best song.” I’m not sure they’ll take my advice, but I’d rather win because we deserve to… “deserve…” “DeServe Mankind.” There may be something there. If we win, we’re gonna print an album titled “Fu Serve Mankind.” Hopefully, that dream will become a reality soon. Keep checking back. We’ll update our loyal fan(s) every step of the way.


  3. There’s a lot of voting for favourites going on, but you guys managed what only a few others did – to write a good song that actually met the criteria of the challenge – a believable theme song about a show you’d actually want to watch. You missed my vote by a whisker, but only because East Carolina’s song conjured up such a vivid image of exactly what the show would be.

    Keep it up!

  4. Well, Mick, thanks – and when we move on to Round 2, don’t forget about us. Our primary goal is to serve you.

  5. Brilliant work! Your entry got my vote.

  6. Glad to hear it. Taste is a wonderful thing to have… bless you, sir.

  7. I thought your song was very good.

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