To Serve Mankind
Jeff and Bryan – Manservants to the world.

Challenge #2, Issued

The second challenge in the Masters of Song Fu competition has been issued. Please to find the details below. Either someone’s been ‘reading our mail,’ or the challengers have inadvertently stepped into a realm of songwriting pain Bryan is certain to unleash. One doesn’t have to look too far down Column A to discover what I mean. We begin again. More to come as it emerges.

Write a song that utilizes a repeating syllable (ex: la, na, doo, etc.). The syllable must repeat at least 5 times in a row (ex: la la la la la). The resulting “repeated syllable” phrase can appear anywhere in your song, but must be repeated in full at least 3 times within the song. Also, this challenge includes a thematic element. Your song must feature a conflict between two (2) elements, provided below. You must choose one (1) element from COLUMN A and one (1) element from COLUMN B.


Santa Claus

Miami Dolphins

Stephen Hawking

A Beach Towel

High School Physics


The Color Orange

A Toothpick Factory

Marc Singer










Your Kindergarten Teacher (must be named)

Albert Camus

Non-Alcoholic Lager

Doc Hammer

6 Responses to “Challenge #2, Issued”

  1. Dudes, what happened? Very sad not to see an entry from you guys tonight. Hope all is well.

  2. Yeah, I’m really disappointed you guys didn’t help represent. 🙂 -ecf Oh yeah, congrats on the new house.

  3. Thanks for being interested. Sadly, Bryan got sick and I moved right during this time. BUT, we had made a great start on something we’d be proud of. Keep checking back here from time to time… who knows, maybe we’ll put up our non-entry (outry?) when it is finished. And, for the record, our choices were The Miami Dolphins and Non -Alcoholic Lager. And although we obviously won’t be eligible to win, we think we had a great idea that would have been a strong contender.

    Thanks again. Come back soon.


  4. Did the song ever get finished? Will To Serve Mankind ever compete in Song Fu again? Song Fu #5 should be starting soon.

    There is a new Web Community of Songwriters, Artists and Fans. This was founded by one of your Song Fu Compatriots, Jeff MacDougall. Come check it out.

    • No. Maybe. We may check you out. Thanks for remembering the dropout twins over here. Good luck.

      • Ken Plume tweeted that sign up for Song Fu #5 may begin this week! I dropped out of Song Fu #3 (oh, I was HORRIBLE). And then came back and competed in Song Fu #4 to more success! See you round the Interwebs.

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