Tell Me Something Good

When God created everything, He called it all good. The earth, land, seas, atmospheres, vegetation, animals, humans… all of it – good. With His own mouth and His own words, His assessment was spoken out, and it was good. We know that not soon after, Satan gets Adam and Eve’s attention away from God and ruins things on earth for us all. However, Jesus has always had a plan to come back and redeem this fallen world and save mankind from eternal damnation and destruction by giving abundant life. Note: Satan’s job description is threefold – steal, kill, destroy. But Jesus isn’t satisfied leaving His delight in that predicament. So He comes back, born sinless on this planet, remains sinless through obedience to Father God, and allows Himself to be sacrificed, killed, to pay the price to release us from sin – the effects of what sin we have committed and from the power of sin over us into the future.

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, is the One Who gives us commands on how to life this abundant life He talks about in John 10. And when Jesus makes or remakes something, you can bet it is gonna be good. This is what happens at the wedding in Cana, when His mother, Mary, tasks Him with fixing their little wine shortage, and it is what happens when Jesus fixes our holiness shortage, and our Great Commandment and Great Commission shortage. He remakes us into something infinitely better than when we started.

When Jesus makes or remakes something, you can bet it is gonna be good.

During your daily Bible reading, assuming you read the Bible every day – a necessary practice/discipline/eventual delight – do you find yourself seeing all the good available to you in the name of Jesus? Do you see potential opportunities for you to engage the lost, broken, sick and dying around you with the gospel and miracles? The Bible is full of good things, it is all profitable, all written for our learning, so we won’t be destroyed (for lack of knowledge). God has been speaking good forth as long back as we know that physical matter and natural laws have existed. He made sure we had a trustworthy, complete, written account full of history and instruction so we could “live good.”

Are you living good? (I know, I know… well.) Are you speaking good? Are you working, schooling, churching, neighboring, playing good? The only good way is God’s way. Good meaning, complete, lacking nothing. That’s the good God does. And He can do it in and through you… to others. Because it isn’t just for you, or just for me… we are sent ones, commissioned to walk with Jesus to complete His task of winning as many as possible into the Kingdom of God.

Jesus makes the best new wine and we are invited to not only drink of that new wine, but also take a bleak situation with nothing and find something and make it into that same best new wine because we live like Jesus. Could it be that what we’ve lived up to this point hasn’t been completely good? Perhaps God intends more and better for us in every way? It seems pretty clear that God wants good for us. Do you want good for you? It’s available.

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