To Serve Mankind
Jeff and Bryan – Manservants to the world.

About TSM

To Serve Mankind seeks to do just that, via music that makes you think about the world and your place in it differently. Friends since high school, the duo, likened to They Might Be Giants or Barenaked Ladies, have played back yards to front yards and everywhere in between. It seemed like just yesterday To Serve Mankind had absolutely no future, and look at them now, competing in Song Fu against artists “like, such as” Paul and Storm and, “uh, the” Jonathan Coulton. Jeff Little and Bryan Ewing both grew up in Apple Valley, CA, an environment which demands creativity just to stay sane among Joshua trees, dirt, and the Wal*Mart. With a combined vocal range of at least a perfect 5th (exaggeration), To Serve Mankind is ready to take the world… seriously. Bryan is into Rock, Jeff digs on Funk. Both serve as worship leaders at their respective churches and are married… not to each other… but to one woman each – Bryan to Michelle, Jeff to Jen. Bryan has a son named Malachi, and Jeff is expecting his wife to follow through on this pregnancy thing and produce a daughter, Jane. Jeff, Bryan (and Malachi) love Avatar: The Last Airbender.

2 Responses to “About TSM”

  1. You probably should clarify somewhere if the whole random-services thing is actually real or just what your fictional Song Fu theme song is about.
    At first I thought it was just like the other entries, but the seemingly bona fide picture of the van confuses me.

  2. Okay… we are a band that makes music. Currently, we are entered into the Masters of Song Fu competition. We wrote a song to tell the story of what it would be like if Bryan and I had a tv show based on our band name. Having developed the show idea and written the song, we decided to go the extra mile for you the fan(s) and create a graphic to go with it. No need to thank us, we’re glad to do it. But, in fact, no – we don’t even own a van – we made it up. If someone wants to make a tv show about To Serve Mankind, though… phone lines are open… let’s talk.

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